Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Breathing New Life Into A Damaged Laptop

Want to give a damaged laptop a new lease on life without going the usual route? How about turning it into a media PC? Sound good? Then you'll appreciate the following video:

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Bioware's Anthem Should Have Been Nintendo's Contra Reboot

I just finished watching the trailer for Bioware's upcoming sci-fi game Anthem. Aside from the astonishing graphics and smooth game play, I couldn't help but to think this game would have helped Nintendo hit it out of the park -- had it been a Contra reboot made exclusively for Nintendo of course. Could you imagine the response a reimagined Contra would have received at E3? I'm not talking slapping new graphics over an old school side scroller either, I'm talking about a first/third person shooter packed with aliens, high tech and all manners of baddassery. The audience would have lost their minds. To date there have been approximately 14 Contra games spanning different consoles and gaming devices from the original NES to Android to Xbox360. Even the Wii had a version in 2009. It's only right that the latest iteration of Nintendo consoles include a new version of Contra too, and by new version I mean built from the ground up and available only for Nintendo. This may be the direction the company may need to take to remain competitive against the other 2 console titans. 

Contra on the NES 1988
What do you think? Would rebooting classic games be a viable strategy for Nintendo to compete with Xbox and Playstation? Leave your comments in the comment section below.